Hey my names Rachelopez :D. I'm in love with Amy Winehouse and Alex Turner thus why this blog is dedicated to them. They're like my two favourite Brits. So yeah if you like either of them you should follow me. Oh yeah and you should also follow my main blog.

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alex turner drinking beer in my mums best friends flat after they played a show in copenhagen



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candid picture on a friend’s phone


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the two worst photos of alex in existence.

what even

what the hell is this furry thing

This is even worse than the red cornerstone sweater

I love it

GREENBERG: Do you draw?TURNER: No, not at all. I can’t draw. I’m good on the yo-yo, but I don’t draw.GREENBERG: The yo-yo, as in the ’90s staple?TURNER: Well, yes, but it’s the yo-yo. It’s not just the ’90s! There was a yo-yo boom in the ’90s, but I’m waiting for the next one to come back.GREENBERG: You may have to initiate that return of the yo-yo.TURNER: Yeah, yeah. I think I will [laughs].X
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